I love travelling, and I have been infected with wanderlust since I was a young child. As an adult, I have travelled through the Middle East, all over Europe, and to Australia. I have also driven around most of Canada and the continental United States. On my next trip, I plan to explore South Africa.
Over the years, I have definitely learned to be a savvy traveller. However, as I was learning, I faced all kinds of near disasters. I have had my cash card eaten by an ATM on the weekend while abroad and not had money for days. I have lost luggage, and I have had to barter for a bed and food at the worst of times.
It was all an adventure, and I learned a ton throughout the process. Now, I want to help other travellers have the joy that I have had, with a few less disasters.
To that end, I have created this blog. It features all kinds of travel tips. Whether you want to know how to avoid becoming stranded or just review tips on what to do if you get ill while travelling, this blog is the place for you. I have included tips for both domestic and foreign travellers, and I hope you find them useful. Happy reading and happy travelling!