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Two Tips For Planning A Sweet Sixteen Party

Posted by on Nov 10, 2014 in Blog, Recreation & Sports | 0 comments

Your daughter will only turn sixteen once, and many people want to make sure that their child’s birthday party is a memorable and enjoyable event for everyone that attends. Unfortunately, planning these affairs can be a seemingly overwhelming task. Much of this challenge stems from the many different factors to consider, and it is important for you to avoid overlooking some of these issues. In particular, there are two things that you should consider when planning these parties.

Be Careful When Choosing A DJ

The type of music that is played at your daughter’s sweet sixteen party is of vital importance. Unfortunately, modern music is often filled with adult themes, and you may not feel comfortable playing this music for a large group of teenagers. However, you do not have to fight with your daughter about the music that is played at the party.

Most record companies understand that explicit lyrics in songs may not be suitable for younger audiences. As a result, you can provide the DJ with songs that have been edited. This option ensures your daughter can still enjoy the party without you having to play adult themed music.  

Rent Your Own Sound System

Many DJs do not provide their own sound systems or there may be a substantial addition cost to provide one. Rather, they simply have an extensive music library, and the ability to keep a party upbeat and energized. Even when these individuals do provide a sound system, there is no way for you to ensure the quality of the system, and this can make it more likely for there to be problems during the party. 

By renting your own sound system, you can ensure that there is a high quality sound system that will allow every guest to hear the music that is being played. Fortunately, renting these systems is not particularly difficult. You will need to pay a deposit and the rental fee, but these providers will dispatch someone to set up the system, and this can help ensure that your system functions at peak efficiency. 

Your daughter’s sweet sixteen is something that you will only be able to plan one time. Yet, planning this party does not have to be completely overwhelming. By considering these two tips, you will be able to ensure that your daughter’s party has lively music that everyone will enjoy, and this can go a long way towards making it a success. If you want help planning your party, visit a local company like Higgins Event Rentals.

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How To Prepare Young Children For Swimming Lessons

Posted by on Nov 10, 2014 in Blog, Recreation & Sports | 0 comments

Swimming is not only a fun activity for family members and children to enjoy, but it also provides safety and exercise. Young children, even very small ones, can learn to swim like a champ, given the right opportunity. As a parent, you owe your children the potentially life-saving skill of swimming. If your young child is still new to swimming and you are considering giving them swimming lessons, such as at B & C Aquatics Limited, there are some things you can do to help get your child ready to learn how to swim.

Make It Fun

In some cases, children will resist learning simply because they don’t like feeling “pressured” into doing something. The smart and savvy parent can overcome this before it even becomes an obstacle by making swimming and lessons seem like a reward, not a punishment.

For example, get them excited about swimming by getting cool new swim trunks, flotation devices, and other fun gadgets that make a child’s heart melt.

Swim with Them

Children will mimic what they see, and if your child sees that you yourself love to swim and take effort to do so, they will likely want to try it as well.

Spend time with your child at a local pool where you can work with your child and teach them to become familiar and comfortable with water. If you don’t actually think you can teach swimming technique to your child yourself, you can at least familiarize your child with water and take away any of their fears.

The more time your child spends, carefully supervised, in water, the more they will come to enjoy it.

Choose a Good Instructor

Unless you plan on your child becoming an Olympic athlete someday, the odds are pretty high that most swimming coaches will be just fine for your child’s swimming lesson needs. The main things to look for in a good swimming coach (especially for children) are:

  • Patience
  • Skill in handling unruly children
  • Watchfulness
  • CPR and resuscitation training

If you have the option of looking over the choice of instructors before signing up your child, take the time to not only speak personally to each instructor but also watch how the instructors handle their classes.

With these preparatory measures, you can ensure that your child will take to swimming lessons like a duck on water. Swimming is a great way to share exercise and family time, so help your child learn to love swimming. 

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Four Activities To Try At A Ski Resort If You Don’t Downhill Ski

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in Blog, Recreation & Sports | 0 comments

Are you the only one in your group of family and friends who doesn’t downhill ski? If you go along on ski trips with your group and find yourself sitting alone at the chalet bar too often, here are some suggestions for activities you can try that could make your vacation more fun and interesting.

Cross Country Skiing

If your trepidation about heights, speed, or falling has you feeling less than enthusiastic about downhill skiing, you might want to give cross country skiing a try. While you can certainly ski more advanced trails on hillier terrain, cross country almost always has flat trails as well.

Cross country skiing is a perfect way to see wintertime nature, and there are no crowds or lines like with downhill. There are two basic kinds of cross country skiing: traditional gliding and skate skiing. Traditional gliding is the old-fashioned method of striding in a straight line, while skate skiing is more like an ice skating motion on skis.

Many ski resorts have cross country trails, and you can rent all the equipment you need at the pro shop. Be sure to dress in layers like you would for a winter run, as cross country skiing is quite a good cardiovascular workout.


Snowboarding is like a combination of skateboarding, surfing, and skiing. Some people like it better than downhill skiing, because your feet stay anchored on one board.

If you sign up for a snowboarding lesson, you can use the beginner runs at the bottom of the resort mountain and not have to brave long lift lines or scary heights. Like with skiing, you can rent all your equipment from the resort and sign up for private or group lessons.


Snowshoeing, like cross country skiing, is more contemplative and a quieter way to observe natural winter beauty. You don’t have to stay on trails when you snowshoe, as the shoes support your weight on the top of even very deep snow.

Dress for a good workout (layers) and rent snowshoes and ski poles (for balance) from the resort. If you go out by yourself, be sure to let someone know where you are headed, and consider carrying a bear bell and/or avalanche transceiver if you are in true wilderness.

Fly Fishing

Most people don’t think of fishing during ski season, but wintertime fishing can be quite productive.. Many ski resorts these days also offer fly fishing lessons and guided trips. They will set you up with a guide and all the equipment you need: fly rod and reel, flies, net, and cold water neoprene waders.

Wear a sweater, fleece or parka over your waders, and bring a hat and mittens for when you’re not fishing. You’ll want bare hands or fingerless gloves when you are fishing, so grab a couple of those chemical hand warmer packs for your pockets.

Ski resorts today have so many choices, you don’t have to be limited by downhill skiing. You can try these activities or ask the resort about other options, like ice skating, horseback riding, heated pool swimming, or yoga and spa classes. You may love your new activities so much you’ll be the first one to sign up for the next ski resort trip at somewhere like Red Mountain Resort.

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3 Places Where You Can Fly Back To The Past In Canada

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in Blog, Recreation & Sports | 0 comments

When traveling, you’ll often wander upon a location that makes you sense a benevolent, almost familiar spirit surrounding you and infusing the atmosphere with positive energy. These are places you never want to leave. It’s not about the amenities, although they may be luxurious. Seasoned travelers would say the allure of such a place is a combination of its past history, its culture and its physical beauty.

With that in mind, here are three locations you will enjoy in Canada, each with its own rich history, ancient culture and stunning landscapes:

1.  Baffin Island, Nunavut

For the adventurous history buff, Baffin Island is a wonderland. Homeland of the Inuit, land of caribou and polar bear, the vast area that comprises Baffin Island is also the gateway to the Northwest Passage. First settled 4,000 years ago, Baffin Island is a place to camp, hike, fish, kayak, ride snowmobiles and view wildlife. Hunting, dog sledding and boating are also available. You will see the Northern Lights here in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

History buffs may want to inquire about what is believed to be the discovery of only the second North American Viking camp found to date. Artifacts and tools believed to be of Viking origin were found by archaeologists digging among the remains of a crumbling ancient building in Tanfield Valley on the southeast coast of Baffin Island. Relics such as yarn believed to be spun by 14th century Viking women living in Greenland, trade tally sticks, pelt fragments and whetstones have been found at the Tanfield Valley site, creating speculation that there was trade between Vikings and the local tribes during the 15th century.

2. Majorville Cairn and Medicine Wheel, Alberta

Recognized as one of Canada’s Historic Places, this site has been called “Canada’s Stonehenge.” That’s because a researcher found striking similarities between the Majorville Medicine Wheel and the famous Stonehenge. The site has been determined to have been in continuous use for 4,500 years, making it one of the world’s oldest places of worship.

This may be a site you want to visit by air so you can appreciate the layout of the 80′ diameter monument. It is considered a sacred place, but if you wish to pay respects it is customary to bring a gift of tobacco or some cloth prayer ribbons to leave behind.

The nearby town of Bassano has its own history, and several hotels in town. There’s also a campground and outdoor activities are available. Medicine Hat and Calgary are not far by land or air.

3. Haida Gwaii, Northern British Columbia

This breathtaking area is the home of 150 islands with a recorded history 12,700 years old. Recent underwater exploration revealed what may be the world’s earliest example of a fishing weir. Further research will determine if other features now covered with water are remnants of camps or other important structures many thousands of years old.

Haida Gwaii is full of old spirits, it is said, and nowhere can they be felt more than at the Haida Heritage Center, where there are carvings dating back many years next to modern day carvings. This intricate totem art is colorful and deeply spiritual, and a skill for which the Haida tribe are renowned.

Enjoy the pristine beaches of Haida Gwaii from a luxury rental home, lodge, cabin, campground or hostel. The scenery and the culture seem untouched by time in Haida Gwaii.

Canada is full of mysterious, beautiful, and spiritual locations where you can connect with ancient history, present culture and unspoiled nature on the same vacation. Some of these locations are fly in only, and are only open for short seasons, so be sure to make arrangements, through outlets such as Qwest Helicopters Inc, well ahead of a visit.

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How To Keep Your Kids Safe Around Your Home Pool

Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in Blog, Recreation & Sports | 0 comments

Having a swimming pool at your home can provide many hours of family fun in the sun. Unfortunately, the same pool that can give your family such joy could also put the children in the home in grave danger. Practicing proper pool safety will help keep your children safe around the pool.

Here, you will learn a few ways to avoid drowning accidents in your home pool:

Get Swimming Instruction

Teaching your kids how to swim at an early age is important. If the kids were to fall into the pool when nobody is looking, they will have the skills needed to stay afloat or get out of the pool on their own. Of course, this does not eliminate the risk of accidental drowning altogether, so be sure to follow all other pool safety guidelines.

Install Fencing

In-ground pools should be fenced in with a fence that is at least 4 feet high and equipped with a locking gate. Above ground pools should have a deck with a gate or a lifting ladder that is locked in the upright position. Making access to the pool as difficult as possible for kids is the best way to keep them from falling in and drowning.

Teach Pool Safety

Kids always seem to be drawn to filters and drains in the pool. Teach your kids to stay away from these elements of the pool.

If you have a shallow pool, be sure that your kids understand the reasons why they should not dive in head first.  

Be sure that your kids know why it is not safe to swim alone and why they should always have at least one other person or responsible sibling with them.

Enforce the “no running” rule. Running around a pool can lead to slip and fall accidents that can be very dangerous around a pool. If your kids were to run, slip and fall and hit his or her head, it is possible that he or she could get knocked unconscious and fall into the water and potentially drown.

Maintain Safe Chemical Levels

Get educated about how to introduce the chemicals in your pool. If you add too much chlorine to the water, anyone that swims in it could actually become burned or sick from the chemical exposure. Failing to use enough chlorine and pH leveling chemicals can lead to unhealthy swimming conditions that lead to rashes, ear problems and other illnesses. Talk with a pool expert about how to keep your pool water balanced perfectly.

Your pool can continue to be your family’s summer fun go-to. Implement these safety measures and learn more about pool safety from your pool installation company or your child’s swim instructor. To learn more, contact a company like Cedar Springs Health Racquet & Sportsclub with any questions or concerns you might have.

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