Unfortunately, regardless of how many vaccinations you get or how careful you are about what you eat, you may occasionally fall seriously ill while travelling. Here is what you should do if that happens:


As soon as you start to feel ill, communicate with the tour operator or your fellow travellers. That way you can create a game plan in case the illness gets worse. You can also start to research nearby hospitals and physicians.

Seeking Help

If you become seriously ill while on vacation, seek medical help as soon as possible. Contact your insurer to see if it covers care in your location, or call your travel insurance company and start the claims process. If you are abroad, visit the consulate for advice.


Keep records of all of your medical treatment. Keep copies of doctor’s notes, and if you have a regular physician, fax those notes to him or her so he or she can advise on your case remotely. Also remember to keep copies of bills.


If you get a prescription for your illness, keep in mind that you need to follow certain rules concerning liquids or pills, especially if you are flying with your medications. Have copies of your prescriptions on hand, and let your doctor know you’re travelling so he or she can prescribe the right quantities in the appropriate containers.


Reduce your chances of getting seriously ill while travelling by getting the vaccinations you need before travelling abroad. Check with the Government of Canada to learn about travel advisories and health facts for foreign countries.


A illness can ruin your vacation, but if you start to feel better, make sure to take it easy. Rest as much as possible, drink water, and don’t push yourself. That will keep your illness from returning so that you can enjoy the rest of your trip.